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2017-11-29 00.09.06.jpg

From the mount Ainslie and from the Red Hill. Two best views over the capital.

2017-07-21 10.09.04_edited.jpg

Landscape studies of changing seasons at the National Arboretum Canberra (2017-2018)

Year Of Blooms

Series of original paintings of the 11 Forests blooming not only during springtime but also through summer, autumn and even winter in Canberra.

Impressions Of Canberra

During the whole year I was discovering Canberra through the four seasons. As always I was inspired to paint the landscapes and so excited to share what I’ve learned.

2020-04-13 08.18.49-1.jpg
An Ode to My City

Started during the country's lock-down as a way to keep myself sane, the paintings capture the essence of Canberra - a balance between urban and nature.

First Impressions of Sydney

My first impression of Sydney was very vivid and is still very alive. Nothing like what I experienced before. The sky seemed higher, the trees were taller, the warm nights buzzing with nightlife.

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